Residential Gardener and Landscaper Services Dublin and Leinster.   Garden Tidy Ups, Full Garden Transformations and more.

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Residential Landscaping & Horticulture Services

Depending on your budget, you can have a simple 'Garden Tidy Up' or a 'Garden Transformation.   Both are featured in the slides shown'.

We offer a complete service, ranging from small simple garden tidy ups to full blown garden transformations .   Different people have different requirements so there is no harm in getting a free quote.   

Garden Tidy Ups.  Some people get us for just hedge trimming and cutting back leylandii trees, whereas others call us to give the garden a general tidy, as they may be having a function in the house e,g, communion, confirmation.   It can also mean lopping tree branches or replacing dead plants.   We have a wide variety of equipment e.g pressure washers and chain saws, so it really is just a matter of telling us what you need done, and we will gladly quote you.

Garden Transformations.  This is basically turning an eyesore into something pleasant.   Maybe you have been renting out your house and the tenants didn't care for the garden, and you're now trying to sell it.  

No more grass cutting?   Maybe you're not interested in cutting grass anymore, and would prefer some natural stone slabs with low maintenance planting and shrubs.   Whether your garden is large or small, with your ideas and ours, we can make a new usable space for your home, that will add value as well as being easy on the eye.

Registered Irish Company.   Unfortunately there are many 'fly by nights' who call themselves landscapers, usually going around cold calling at your door offering the sun moon and stars.   The result is usually shoddy and the price has changed as they went along.   We at Bradley Horticulture have been registered, and at the same address, for over 20 years.   Our customers range from all types of ordinary people, to Gardaí, Hospitals and Schools.   Our commercial side maintains many residential apartment blocks, old folks homes and blue chip USA companies.   We are delighted to say that over 80% of our new business comes from referrals, so we are committed to maintaining that high level of standards that make that possible.   Contact us for a free quote no matter how large or small your job is.

Just some of our Residential Services:

  • Small Tidy Ups
  • Leylandii Tree Cutting or Trimming
  • Perennial Planting
  • Fish Pond Maintenance
  • Full Garden Transformations
  • Natural Stone Paving / Patios
  • Decorative Stone and Pebbles
  • Installation of UV Filters
  • Roll out Grass
  • Hedge Trimming & Shaping
  • Borders and Edging